Music Production Tips

date: Sat, February 8, 2014 | Views: 5896

Music Production Tips

As a Music Producer, i think i am in the best place to tell you about music production. Now lets begin.

The  truth about Music Production is that music itself is an art, Just like kung-fu. You fight or produce by  heart.You might be taught  how to produce your own songs or other songs. But a unique production depends on where and how you get your inspiration. like one of my friend says  he got an inspiration to a song in the toilet then i said to him, "That should be a toilet song". hahaahaaa joking. But the truth is that you can get your  inspiration  any where. On the road, toilet, bathroom,  office, work, at play and any where around you.

But the scope of making  good use of the inspiration is making sure non of them is lost at any point  in time. Make sure  you get them recorded even if you won't use them immediately. 

Find out the point of your inspiration.
More tips to come this is just the beginning.


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